Infiniti and Beyond

To Infiniti and Beyond!! I haven’t wrote much in the last few years as I’ve been busy, busy, busy. However I’ve recently managed to set aside a bit of time and thought I’d devote those hours to something that I love doing! Talking Cars! I’m going to stick to cars that I actually have some experience in, and not indulge in dreams of super cars etc. Two years ago I bought my first big boys car, it was a second hand Infiniti Q50. Now I’m not going to lie, I probably couldn’t afford it, but I was utterly fed up of dodgy little hatchbacks and was sick and tired of being next to 17 year olds in traffic who had better cars than me.   If you are wondering I used to own a second hand Suzuki Alto, and it was hardly a head turner…. Well, it was, but always for the wrong reasons, I literally had people point and laugh at me when I drove past. To be honest this didn’t bother me too much, I saw the funny side, I was the first to take the mick out of my car, despite actually growing quite fond of it, I realised how silly a 6 foot 2 bloke looked in a bloody Alto. So then, we’ve established that I was in desperate need for a new car, but why the Infiniti Q50? Good question. I’ve always been the kind of guy who likes to get something a little bit different, I usually end up joining the mainstream with egg on my face after stubbornly trying to avoid it, but this time I think I may have made a good, lasting choice. Audi, BMW and Volkswagen can wait for my custom a little longer (because I’m sure they are desperate for it). I’d read a few reviews on the Infiniti Q50 and I wont lie they didn’t fill me with confidence, in fact when I started my hunt for a new car the Infiniti Q50 hadn’t even crossed my mind, what I was really considering was a nice second hand Alfa Romeo Spider, a 58 reg for around £15,000. A friend of mine recommended a used car dealer who was local, so I thought I might as well swing by as it was close. I got on with the salesmen which helped and he talked me into giving the Infiniti Q50 a test drive after claiming it was his favourite car on the lot and convincing me that all online reviews are corrupt and have little to do with the cars themselves, and everything to do with who sponsors the magazines/websites. With the risk of a discussion about the illuminati and who killed Tupac looming, I decided to agree and give the Q50 the chance that it deserved. I hadn’t been driving the Q50 for 10 minutes when I realised that I really wanted this car in my life. I always thought it looked nice from the outside but as with most things it’s whats on the inside that truly counts, and the amount of equipment and tech it featured was very, very appealing to me (I’ve always been a bit of a tech geek), especially at the price.   It was a little out of my budget but because we had the mutual friend he said he’d do me a mates rates finance deal. I don’t know if he actually did in the end, but honestly I don’t really care because the Q50 is worth every penny and missed night out because I can no longer afford to spend £4.50 on pint after pint of lager. Drives to work are much more enjoyable and a lot less embarrassing. I’m still in a head turner, thankfully though, it is for the right reasons this time. no longer can my mates give me grief, now I can be the snob, mocking big Rob in his second hand Citroen C4 Picasso, I mean seriously Rob if you’re reading this, get a grip, you haven’t even got any kids but anyone would think you are in your 50′s doing the school run with with 2point4 children and a golden retriever in the back.